S/4 HANA is that the new generation business suite offered by SAP to form business processes simpler. In today's world, creating right selections has become a posh procedure, large quantity of knowledge is generated by a giant company on daily , understanding those info on real time is kind of necessary to realize the success. S/4 HANA is launched to handle the recent business situations and is intended to hurry up the business processes.

SAP is standard for its ERP applications that drive the business of most of the large firms expeditiously. S/4 HANA is launched because the new face of ERP business suite to accommodate the new trend wherever process massive information is associate degree integral a part of the business. The suite is intended to run effectively on SAP HANA in-memory info that empowers the users to extract real time information insight instantly. Also, the prognostic analysis property of HANA drives business in right direction by serving to to require right call at right time. Besides, because the ancient info idea is transformed through the invention of SAP HANA info, why to stay the previous ERP within the new business eventualitiesthus it's rewired into a replacement business suite i.e S/4 HANA.


Between SAP Suite on HANA and SAP S/4HANA, some level of confusion still exist that I got recognize once speaking with an outsized range of individuals. For those that square {measure} wrestling with the variations between the 2 merchandise let me offer some clarity. Before creating any choices it goes while not speech that it's important to grasp the contrasts within the journey to every product and their practicality.

SAP Suite on HANA

First came, SAP Suite on HANA. On SAP HANA the normal SAP code resolution is on the market because the name urged. The engine (database) is currently a HANA engine though it's all of the normal practicality of associate degree code surroundingsthere's no conception of information simplification as nearly all of the SAP dealing codes ar accessibleto make period of time coverage one will access to the HANA live studio. To utilize the HANA info and supply extra performance advantages the answer conjointly boasts amended transactions.

On HANA the route to Suite to digest is pretty straightforward. From your current info to HANA it ought to be upgraded to ECC6 improvement Package seven then a info migration ought to be performed. while not an excessive amount of business involvement this technical exercise will be achieved (regression testing may be a must).

A new product is SAP S/4HANA. round the core ECC answer it's based mostlyvariety of variations ar there, however:
Simplification of the information has been done. at intervals sure processes into one table by exchange the core tables this could be achieved.
Due to the ‘principle of one’, some ancient practicality isn't any longer on the market once the new practicality has been free.
With over 3000 CDS views presently on the market embedded news has been freeat intervals the S/4HANA atmosphere, SAP BW and SAP BPC will be embedded. at intervals the new product S/4HANA allows sure eventualities to be performed– not all however; it'll not replace BW or BPC.
Either by a system conversion from associate degree ECC answer (including Suite on HANA), or a replacement install the route to S/4HANA is achieved. From ECC6 to S/4HANA there's no upgrade path. With the rationale being to modify the new simplified knowledge model a system conversion has to occurso as to interchange it from your existing system you would like to be aware on the lost practicality as a part of the move to S4/HANA.


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